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#TuesdayTakeover featuring Danielle Vorves

Danielle Vorves

Hello beautiful people! Welcome to our monthly blog. We hope you enjoy meeting our special guest in today’s #TuesdayTakeover featuring Danielle Vorves.

YYW: Hi & welcome!! Thanks so much for being our featured Yogi this month. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

A: Hello, my name is Danielle Vorves.

YYW: Where are you from?

A: I am from the Verde Valley Arizona, I was born in Cottonwood and now own my own home in Jerome, AZ.

YYW: How was your childhood?

A: My childhood was great. I am the only child my parents were both present in my life until I was a teen. We spent time in nature, swimming in creeks, skiing and going on adventures to Mexico. We had a family garden and were always playing horseshoes or jumping on the trampoline.

YYW: What was the worst time in your life/biggest challenge?

A: The most challenging time in my life was probably my early 20’s. I was a full on alcoholic: doing drugs, smoking lots of cigarettes, being very unhealthy in body and mind and very disconnected from everyone, including myself. I, of course, went to jail a couple times and ran away with the fair to live in a travel trailer with 5 guys, black out drunk and being unsafe. Really, I wouldn’t trade it or the lessons I learned.

YYW: What is the best time of your life/biggest obstacle you’ve overcome?

A: The best time in my life was probably any of my trips overseas or my yoga immersions. These events brought focus and clarity to my life purpose, realizing I have an addictive personality and using it to my benefit to be driven and focused.

YYW: If you had a Magic wand, what would your world look like?

A: If I had a magic wand I’d see less despair in the world, more equality, understanding and love. I’d see people having more time for their hopes and dreams and for rest. Allowing real true reflection of self feelings and ways of communicating. My life is really exactly as I want it so not much to change personally.

YYW: What is your profession or passion?

A: I teach yoga and do massage for a living and both are my passions, I also love art, writing, collecting crystals and roller skating.

YYW: How do you help people or how would you like to help people?

A: I love helping people to feel comfortable and at ease in mind and body and fully able to be themselves. 

YYW: How can we help support you?

A: I feel supported by Nina’s fitness classes and I could always use referrals for clients for massage. You can reach me via my website: 

 IG: @desertchildmoonbabee

FB: Dani Vorves

YYW: What are you working on or what kind of work do you do that would interest someone enough to hire you for your services offered?

A: I will be offering more classes at my studio in Jerome (Datura Yoga and Wellness) crystal mandala meditations, herbal classes, yoga and journaling so I’d love some new people to attend and enjoy and support my vision.

YYW: What does inspiration mean to you?

A: Inspiration is a spark, a glimpse into the excitement that feeds our soul and lights us up.

YYW: How do you want to inspire?

A: I want to inspire people to have more awareness of how they walk this planet, to tread lightly, consume less, honor spirit and nature more and really learn to listen to themselves and the true essence that is nature.

YYW: What is the biggest message you can offer a person?

A: Authenticity. Be humble, be beautiful, be yourself… Everyone else is already taken. Love deeply and intently– for all sentient beings.

YYW: How did we meet or get to know each other?

A: We met through zoom Yoga and through Sedona School of Massage and became soul sisters and you came roller skating at my event. 🙂

YYW: What about YogiYogaWear?

A: I helped with a photo shoot for the YogiYogaWear and I received some apparel. I love how soft the material is, how beautiful the art & designs are and the fact that it’s all recycled is even cooler.

YYW: Thanks again, Danielle! It’s been so much fun getting to know you. We can’t wait to see all the new classes you’ll be offering.

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