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I came across Natassia’s post on Instagram, she was literally standing in a ring of fire. My first thought was, ‘yikes that’s crazy!’ I let it sink in for a moment I staring at the picture in awe. Reality set in and I saw the smile on her face.  I was inspired. How could someone be smiling while doing this? I’d be scared Sh!tless.

The Value of Self-Trust:

When we trust ourselves we can do anything. Her picture really was amazing, it’s not just that she is incredible at fire dancing that inspired us. It’s her self love and self trust to accomplish something so inspiring. When we interviewed Natassia, we got to learn a little more about some of her talents.

Natassia Basson is our featured INSPIRED woman this week. She is a  freelance graphic designer, photographer, journalist and fire dancer. We have a little extra love for her because she is also connected to the yoga community. Basson is currently completing a 2 year yoga teaching course with a ‘hope to open my own studio in a few years.’ Basson, we have no doubt with all you have already accomplished, that your ‘hope’ will be a dream come true. We will be right here cheering you on. Basson has been practicing yoga on-and-off since she was about 13 years old and loves everything about it.  Understanding its deep rooted benefits, Basson implements yoga into her daily routine including morning and night routines.

Inspired: Natassia’s Story

Like we all know, life isn’t always easy and we all have challenges to face.  Basson started her journey to wellness with a combination of yoga and reiki to help balance her energy. She was extremely anxious and depressed and nothing else seemed to be helping.  Her mom suggested trying it and at that point it was still not very recognized in Southern Africa, where Basson lives, so a lot of people found it insane but, she found it to be the one thing that changed her life. At age 15 she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She was given medication which seemed to really help, along with the yoga and meditation. During this time she also stopped consuming red meats, balanced her diet and exercised regularly.

Through all this effort  she managed to completely stop taking all but one of her medications. It has been an amazing journey which has seen its ups and downs, but at the end she expresses she will be forever grateful for it because she has learned so much and it has lead her to exactly where she is now – a life she loves.

The Yogi Yoga Wear Mantra: 

At Yogi Yoga Wear we are all about mantras and we are loving the ones that plays through Basson’s mind. “What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create” and the “Om mani padme Om” mantra.  When asked her favorite food, it was a straightforward, “Avocado anything! Who doesn’t love a nice fresh avocado?” Keeping in line with our passion to inspire the world we asked Basson, ‘if you could do one thing to change the world what would it be?’ Her response, “I think I would teach people to implement yoga, meditation and Buddhist teachings into everyday life.”

We have heard this several times from our Inspired articles and think it’s time to help these ladies make their dreams come true.

Coming Soon!

Watch for our upcoming article: How to Implement Basic Yoga Into Your Everyday Life!

A huge thank you to Basson for taking the time to share her incredible journey with us. We cannot wait to continue following along to see what you do next Natassia!

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