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Inspired with Shannon Giles

We met Shannon on social media during our journey to LOVING buti yoga. Lone behold this inspiring woman caught our eye with more than just her amazing yoga poses. The more we got to know Shannon the more we loved her journey.

In a recent interview, we asked Shannon a series of questions because we simply had to know more about her.
We were intrigued to learn how she recently left her corporate job to pursue her passion for teaching yoga full time. The lesson here, DO WHAT YOU LOVE! #inspired While practising yoga on and off for 13 years, she has been practising ‘religiously’ for the last 2 years, on average 6 days a week.

One of our favorite questions to ask is favorite quotes or mantras. We here at Yogi Yoga Wear believe the mantras you love tell a lot about your soul. Shannon shares her favorite quote, and if I can say so myself, I LOVE IT!
Quote by Shannon: ~Inhale, I trust ME, Exhale, It will All COME!~

When asked to tell us about a time in her life when she overcame something and here is what she had to say: “I was an addict when yoga found me. I had checked into a rehab in Taos, NM with an addiction to Cocaine. I thought there was nothing that Yoga could teach me about being sober, well I was wrong for sure. I fell in love with the practice and unfortunately when I left rehab was not in a financial position to continue practising in a studio, and therefore I let my practice go, and 10 years later picked it up again, and haven’t stopped.”

Everyone’s gotta eat and this yogis ‘go to’ food is stuffed bell peppers. The perfect summer dish and of course the vibrant colour of a pepper makes it pretty too.

It wouldn’t be an interview if we didn’t ask what Shannon would do to change the world if she could do one thing. Can you guess what it is? Yoga related you guessed it! Shannon would love to see yoga be a mandatory practice in all schools.

What an amazing gift that would be to the world. To teach our children the same practice many of us long for as adults. Imagine the impact that would have on our world.

It’s amazing women like Shannon that make this world a better place. We love everything you stand for Shannon and it’s an honor to be able to feature you in our Inspired Series.
We cannot wait to see what`s next for you. #staytuned

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