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Tuesday Takover with Sara Bunzalik

Sara Bunzalik


Hello Amazing People! How is your 2021 going so far?  We’re back to our blog with some extra special fun!

This year – the last Tuesday of each month, we will be featuring a special Yoga friend in our blog and they’ll also be taking over our social media pages!   So, go check out our Instagram & Facebook for some fun stuff.

For our January take over we’re featuring a fun Yogini who will also co-host our next Yoga challenge.

#RebelinYogiLove  from February 11-15, 2021!

Save the date and have some fun. We hope you can join us!

And now here’s our interview with this month’s featured Yogini…Drum Roll Please….

The Blondish Yogi….Hit of Tik-Tok, 5-Star mom and overall basic badass, Sara Bunzalik.

Enjoy & See you soon.

#TuesdayTakeover FEAT. Sara Bunzalik

YYW: Hi! Thanks so much for being our 1st guest blogger of 2021! We’re excited to talk with you today. Please introduce yourself to our readers:

S: Hi, my name is Sara. I live in Colorado with my husband, 2 boys & 2 step (bonus) kids. We started a little farm last year with our 5 dogs, 2 pygmy goats, 2 ducks & 4 chickens. Our oldest son, “M”, just graduated from the Marines and we couldn’t be prouder!!

YYW: Where were you born and raised? Do you have any brothers or sisters?

S: I was born and raised in California and am the youngest of 4 girls. My oldest sister is one of the reasons I moved to Colorado in 2006.

YYW: What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome?

S: The biggest obstacle I’ve encountered was in 2012 when my youngest son was diagnosed with Asperger’s and had many issues with going to school. We’ve since helped my son deal with anything that comes his way with love & patience & he’s now a thriving, smart young man.  

YYW: What was the best time of your life or the most fun you’ve ever had?

S: In 2016 my husband (then boyfriend) and I loaded up 5 kids into a party bus we converted with couches, tv & a bathroom for a 2-week road trip across 13 states. It really taught us patience (lots of patience 🙂 and to expect the unexpected. It was the best 2 weeks of our lives!!

YYW: What are some things you’re passionate about?

S: I’ve always had an obsession with health and wellness that I now call a passion! From working out to VHS tapes to step aerobics at the gym to running 7 miles a day.  I found Yoga and Pilates in my 20s and never looked back. I finally got certified to teach Yoga in 2014 and since then have 5 Yoga certifications, Pilates and am currently working on Pop Pilates instructor training.

YYW: What are you currently working on… work or hobby project that you’re excited about?

S: Last year I created my YouTube & Vimeo channels as well as Tok-tok account where I currently have about 360k followers and am part of the Creator Fund. I’m hoping to inspire women/mothers and even men to love their bodies, treat it with respect and to move your body daily. Even if it’s just on the bed “Lazy Girl Workout” style. 

  • Insert from Nina-Owner/Artist/Creator— “You Go Girl! That’s what I love to hear! Inspiration at its peak!”

YYW: What does love mean to you?

S: The word love has many different meanings to me. For example, I “love” acai bowls, but I also love my fur babies. Love means obsession, passion, complete, utter infatuation & deep respect. I can’t imagine my life without my husband, kids, dogs, friends & family. That is love.

YYW: How do you help / inspire people or how would you like to help / inspire?

S: I’d like to inspire young girls and women over 40 (such as myself) that movement is the best medicine for your body. You are never too young or too old to workout. 

YYW: How can we (Yoga/fitness community, friends, family etc.) help support you or others like you with those things?

S: The most help we creators need is word of mouth, sharing posts, links to classes and social media platforms. 

YYW: What is the biggest message you can offer another person?

S: Be you, be unique and don’t try to fit into other people’s “boxes”. Create your own person and don’t be afraid of failure.

YYW: Wow, Sara – It was really fun getting to know you! We always enjoy your fun videos and we’ll be sure to share them more often!

Thanks again for being our very 1st feature of 2021. We can’t wait to host #RebelinYogiLove with you February 11-15, 2021!

We hope all of you will go check out Sara’s Instagram, Tok-tok, YouTube and Facebook watch our page for her fun takeover today!


Namaste – Yogi Yoga Wear