#Tuesday Takeover featuring Emilie Johnson


It’s #Tuesday Takeover featuring Emilie Johnson

Hi and thanks so much for being one of our blog features!


YYW: Please introduce yourself to our readers.

A: Hi, my name is Emilie Johnson, I’m 47 and mother of 2 teenagers and a dog, married, a former computer programmer and Yoga teacher of almost 8 years. I’ve always loved fitness and health. I love to cook healthy food, especially plant based and love dance fitness in addition to yoga and meditation. 


YYW: Where are you from?

A: I was born in Washington DC (moved to Pennsylvania from there and back again to DC too) but moved when I was 7 to Johnson City, TN where I lived for 10 years. I went to college at Indiana University. Traveled for my job after college and was assigned to cities in Ohio and Texas. Then I settled in Denver for 7 ½ years after getting married. 15 years ago we moved to Florida to be closer to my parents. My parents immigrated from the Philippines to the US so with that and all this moving around I’m not really sure what makes where I am from. I’m from everywhere, lol.


YYW: How was your childhood?

A: I had a good childhood and somewhat dynamic with the different relatives that lived with us and also I would live with other relatives. I was an only child with working parents so I would spend summers with aunts and uncles, childhood friends and when my dad had business in New Jersey, spent summers there as well. Because my parents were often preoccupied, I had a strong desire to be able to stay home raising my own children.


YYW: What was the Worst time in your life/ biggest challenge?

A: It’s funny in hindsight, worst times in my life don’t seem so bad, like junior high, lol. Having both of my children came with challenges. My first-born’s heart beat kept decreasing as I was in labor and had many interventions like pitocin, having my water break for me, turning the head of my child. We ended up having an emergency c-section because she was in fetal distress. She was born with an APGAR score of 1 and we were separated at birth so she could go to the NICU. There was not a sound from her and though I was very drugged up, I was so sad. We were reunited 9 hours later though. She ended up being a colicky baby and though I successfully nursed her for 13 months, I had a lot of pain and trouble the first 6 weeks . My second born I was determined to have a VBAC and I got a doula and everything went story ideally…but then I hemorrhaged a couple days later (bigger than golf ball sized blood clots passed out of me rapidly)  and had to be admitted to the hospital twice. The second time I was in the ICU and was given 4 pints of blood and the bleeding finally stopped.


YYW: Best time/ biggest obstacle you’ve overcome?

A: Same as the worst, I guess:). Again in hindsight my obstacles look different. 


YYW: If you had a Magic wand, what would your world look like?

A: Everyone would understand we are all one and would be free of suffering. We’d care more for our planet and every living thing on it. 


YYW: What is your profession or passion? 

KA: My profession is my passion currently, taking care of my kids (my daughter is still home currently) and husband and home and teaching Yoga to help people feel better.


YYW: How do you help people or how would you like to help people?

A: I like to help people help themselves in Yoga. In my yin yoga classes, I can talk more about meditation. I like to help people find a way to hold their own feelings – like it’s ok to be sad for example. I also volunteered for hospice for 3 years because I wanted to add some joy to the lives of the elderly in retirement homes in particular. I also like to encourage people to have a healthy lifestyle (and care about the environment and to put an end to factory farming animals)  so I like to post healthy plant-based pictures and recipes and posts of doing yoga or dancing or buying things from a thrift store:).


YYW: How can we help support you?

A: You guys were a great support in a yoga Instagram challenge I was in and awarded me with the best booty shorts. I would be hesitant to buy them myself because I thought they would be so small but I love them and will definitely buy another pair. You also support me with your fun posts and how you empower women.


YYW: What are you working on or what kind of work do you do that would interest someone enough to hire you for your services offered?

A: I’m forever learning about my craft. I participate in challenges, practice, read, take online workshops. I’m currently in a 195 day yoga / meditation online challenge/ course where we learn one sutra per day and also committed to practicing at least 20 minutes of meditation or yoga everyday. 


YYW: What does inspiration mean to you?

A: Feeling motivated to do something, passion. 


YYW: How do you want to inspire?

A: With example and encouragement. 


YYW: What is the biggest message you can offer a person?

A: that you are worthy just for being you.


YYW: How did you meet Nina and get to know each other?

A: Nina sponsored an Instagram yoga challenge I was in and when I won she was so great over chat. I actually got engaged in Sedona in 1997:).


YYW: What about YogiYogaWear?

A: I know them from the challenge and love seeing the Instagram posts.

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