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#Tuesday takeover featuring Makayla Rogerson


Welcome to the June addition of our Rebel Stories. Can you believe that we’re already over half way through 2021?!

Did you set any goals for yourself this year and have you been able to stay focused on them?  Maybe now is the perfect time to take another look at that list of goals (or make one if you haven’t yet) and see where you are.

We think this month’s featured Yogini has some great inspiration to keep you motivated! She’s a
kind, beautiful soul and we’re sure you’re going to enjoy getting to know her.

#TakeoverTuesday featuring Makayla Rogerson

YYW: Hi and thanks so much for being this month’s blog feature!

YYW: Please introduce yourself to our readers.
A: Makayla Rogerson; young mom, internationally published. fashion + lifestyle model and

YYW: Where are you from?
A: St. Catharines Ontario, Canada

YYW: How was your childhood?
A: Overall I can say that it definitely wasn’t a life that you would expect from an average
individual, many challenges and changes over the years.

YYW: What was the Worst time in your life/ biggest challenge?
A: I’ve actually have gone through 2 major life challenges thus far; being a victim of childhood
bullying and teen pregnancy (while in a toxic relationship)

YYW: Best time/ biggest obstacle you’ve overcome?
A: I would have to say the best time/biggest obstacle I’ve overcome that has brought me joy
would definitely be the acceptance of my own independence and thriving in finding myself as a

YYW: If you had a Magic wand, what would your world look like?
A: More open minded, understanding and supportive as a whole.

YYW: What is your profession or passion?
A: I am an internationally published model, as well as a Model coach. Currently working towards
becoming a certified personal trainer/fitness coach.

YYW: How do you help people or how would you like to help people?
A: My overall goal in life is to inspire others to take their leap of faith at anything they set their
mind to. Whether it be their career, health, hobbies, etc. I help people find their own confidence
by being a transparent example of never giving up on your dreams; no matter what life throws at

YYW: How can we help support you?
A: Your team has been an absolutely amazing support for me over these past few years and I
am super grateful! Just continue to engage with my socials!

YYW: What are you working on or what kind of work do you do that would interest someone
enough to hire you for your services offered?
A: I am a model for hire as well as a model & runway coach. I will be adding fitness coaching in
the near future as well.

YYW: What does inspiration mean to you?
A: Inspiration is who I am. Everyday has a goal to inspire a new individual. It’s fulfilling for me to
see others accomplish goals that they never expected to see themselves do.

YYW: How do you want to inspire?
A: By continuing to show others that you can do absolutely anything you set your mind to.

YYW: What is the biggest message you can offer a person?
A: I recommend every person reading this to listen to the song Legacy by Big Moo and really
listen to the lyrics; it’ll get your brain thinking. Definitely a staple in my workout playlist.

YYW: How did you meet Nina and get to know each other?
A: Nina actually was the first individual to reach out to me about an ambassador ship
opportunity at the early stages of my career through a mutual connection (back in 2017/2018)
Yogi Yoga Wear was and is my first ever ambassadorship, and I have been grateful for

YYW: What about YogiYogaWear?
A: The most comfy yoga clothes I have ever worn! They also will never fade (I’ve had mine a
few years so far) . I love talking to my friends about the material, they are always shocked to
know it’s all recycled plastic bottles!

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