Tuesday Takeover with Amanda Brumfield Dennis


Amanda has a determination that will not allow her to quit. Of course, there’s down time, but she knows that the best way to keep her head together is to take care of herself.

What’s the “Vibe” like, out there?

What a crazy year it has been!

We’re putting the pieces back together, along with all of you. Trying new things and learning to navigate new territory.

Over the last year, the challenges we have all faced have made huge impacts for us in an array of different ways. Our goal as a company and vibrant apparel line is to inspire, encourage and motivate you. 

Having unconditional support while navigating great change is not always common.  Yet, everyone has their own struggles. The human spirit within each of us strives to find a way to overcome obstacles and then pursue. Our journeys take turns we may never have expected and often open new doors which bring us further into our evolution and closer to our own selves. Knowing who you are, as an individual, is powerful. Your personal growth and determination is admirable. We would like to do our part and honor that.

Over the last year our Vibe Tribe kept YogiYogaWear alive. 

Thank you for continuing to support us. 

Many of you have made some big changes. We saw that. We see you. 

YogiYogaWear would like to share some high vibin’ individuals that were determined to make lemons into lemonade.   

With no further Ado…


Amanda has a determination that will not allow her to quit. Of course, there’s down time, but she knows that the best way to keep her head together is to take care of herself.


Tell us your name 😊  

Amanda Brumfield Dennis


Where are you from? 

I was born in Iowa but mostly spent my childhood moving around following my dad on his jobs.  


What was your childhood like?

It had its ups and downs, it was difficult always being the new kid but it gave me a broader outlook on life, I am able to view things from other perspectives and have compassion for different opinions and outlooks on life.


What was the Worst time in your life or biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge in life has been parenting my daughter. She is exactly who I raised her to be and she is also exactly the opposite of who I raised her to be.  With me she is strong, independent and outspoken, with the outside world she is shy, anxious and worried about hurting other people.


Best time and/or biggest obstacle you’ve overcome:

My biggest obstacle is being able to have a healthy relationship and trust the person I am with not to hurt; I have not overcome this yet.


What are your 5- and 10-year goals?

My first plan is to get certified in as many modalities of yoga as I can and travel the country doing pop up classes, I also want to start a program for Recovering addicts to help them maintain their sobriety.


If you had a Magic wand, what would your world look like? 

Honest, loyal and trustworthy. A world where differing opinions are respected and discussed.  A world where children are safe and loved.


What is your profession or passion? 

My passion is improving my yoga practice and using it to help people heal themselves.


How do you currently assist people or how would you like to assist them in the future? 

Right now, I practice yoga once a week with a group of men in recovery, several of them have said it helps with the recovery process.


How can our YogiYogaWear Vibe Tribe help support you?

Get the word out about the program I want to start, “Yoga for Addiction Recovery”. I truly believe yoga can maintain sobriety because it gets you out of your head and focuses you on your breath and body. Here is the link 😊  www.gofund.me/57cdc7a1


What are you working on or what kind of work do you do that would interest someone enough to hire you for your services offered? 

My profession is Administrative Office Assistant, I can learn any job in record time with hands-on training.  I hope to get my 200 HR YTT and be able to travel around the nation doing pop-up yoga classes and possibly creating yoga studios in several locations, in the process I want to bring yoga for recovery to as many communities as I possibly can.


What does inspiration mean to you? 

It means being moved to chase your dream after seeing how much someone else has accomplished that is in a similar situation; getting that extra push to pursue whatever dream you have been holding on to.


How do you want to inspire? 

I want to inspire people to believe in themselves and truly believe in their own worth and self-value.  


What is the biggest message you can offer a person? 

What anyone else says or believes has nothing to do with how you live life.  Be you and if you don’t know who you are take the time to find yourself.

How did you meet Nina Joy?  We met through Buti yoga, it was like we were instant lifelong friends, I visited twice and spent a lot of time together just talking and sharing ideas.


What do you love most about YogiYogaWear? 

I love YogiYogaWear, it is my absolute favorite yoga wear, so comfy and wonderful for any movement.

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