Pastilens Wrap Pants


Welcome back the 1970’s! Except this time, Nina’s decorated these open legged hippie pants with her New Age Fractal Art. The inside of this luscious fabric is also dyed with a solid color to match the art. The double-sided dye enhances the elegant look when you’re walking or sitting, as the legs kick open.  These glamorous pants from the Sedona YogiYogaWear®  not only turn heads but sends out magical vibes that everyone will sense.

Fashionistas know when and how to bring back a popular style with New Age flair.  Be ahead of the fashion trend with these revamped and Original Wrap Around Pants.

Welcome back the 1970’s!

Made in the USA with an Eco-friendly fabric these pants are light weight with a brushed cotton feel. Easy wash/dry care you can travel with these as well as wear them for any occasion. Designed with a “raw edge” allows you to simply cut the length where you want them. Use the bottom trim for a headband, hair tie or yoga mat tie!

For those of you who are tall and have a hard time finding long pants, you will love these. If you love “Harem Pants” you can tie the bottoms of these on the sides to create that style on your own. For anyone looking for a very versatile, luxurious, comfy, casual and long dress pants, these are for you. You are going to love these retro wrap pants! 

Available in these designs:

  • Phetoosh
  • Zillience
  • Pastilens

Available Sizes:
Small/Medium (Fits pant size 0-8)
Medium/Large (Fits pant size 8-14)


Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 56 in
Luxe Line

M/L, S/M

2 reviews for Pastilens Wrap Pants

    Colleen Laskoski (verified owner)

    These pants are AMAZING!! Beautiful colors and artwork on deliciously soft fabric! They are very easy to put on, and are customizable to YOUR body with self ties and a raw hem that can be cut! I put them on amd did NOT want to take them off! They can be worn to do yoga or just be the most fashionable yogi on the block!

      Yogi Yoga Wear

      Dear Colleen,
      Feel free to wear them forever, just take them off once in a while to wash 🙂
      Try tying the bottoms in a knot and do some yoga, I mean, why not?
      Thanks for the love!
      We’re stoked your stoked! Tell your friends! 🙂

    mercyg411 (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these BEAUTIFUL and SOFT pants!!! I receive numerous compliments every time I wear them!! A SUPER STYLISH way to COVER UP my POLE FITNESS shorts before and after pole class!! I knot the bottoms and they still look very stylish and unique. They are VERY COOL pants that held up to the heat and sweat of HOT POWER YOGA -you get a nice little air movement when the sides fall open during yoga flows 🙂

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