Earth Stone Headband


This two tone tank was inspired by Nina’s Buti sister Dee Ann Special. Teal is so gentle yet holds a deep healing power. Try this two toned top with a pair of Zillience Booty shorts or the stunning Zillience Wrap Pants and feel Royal while sending out healing vibes of Tealiscious colors to everyone you encounter.

The fabric has a delicate give to it but does not stretch out of shape. The sides are scrunchie – offering a look that flatters your upper body when worn as either an athletic/yoga type top or as in a dressier styled outfit.

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These headbands are made from the same butter soft eco-friendly fabric that are best selling booty shorts and tank tops are made with. They won’t give you a headache but instead keep your head together and your hair in place all at the same time. Wide enough to cover your ears when it’s cold out with a fabric that keeps heat in but is breathable. They keep you cool in the warm weather and warm on cold days.

PLUS! They are reversible. The measurements are 3.5” wide  and double as a ponytail holder. So if you are anything like the YYW crew and rock the pineapple head, these headbands are a must have! For those of you that have thick hair you can wrap it all around. If you have thin hair it will hold your hair in place and give you volume.



Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 in


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