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Hey, hey we’re back for the third, eco-friendly edition of our blog! Did you enjoy our “Traveling Green” blog last month? 

You know what else is trending in the eco-friendly world? Interior Design! That’s right… We can make our homes eco-friendly and together make a huge impact on healing the environment.

Not only can you build green these days, which is a whole other topic… you can decorate with eco-friendly products! Keep reading to find out more about making sustainable decorating choices in 2022 and how NJoyFractals can help!

It’s always exciting to switch up our home decor by adding new, fun ideas to our indoor spaces. It’s even more exciting when we can make a big impact with sustainable choices that are also budget friendly. Some of 2022’s biggest design trends are so easy and you’ll be surprised by how much they can change any room in your home. Check out these ideas… 

Bring Nature Indoors!

Houseplants are perfect for any room. Use a variety of plants to help clean the air & decorate with colorful textures.


Cover the floors!

A variety of options are available for flooring like bamboo, jute and hemp. Even recycled glass flooring is trending in 2022!


Paint the walls!

Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and low odor paints keep things eco-friendly and smelling fresh. 



This is where Nina can help you add the perfect finishing touch to your fresh new look! 


Nina (NJoyFractals) is an amazing, award winning artist. Her art isn’t the classic painting with acrylics or watercolors. She doesn’t need to use water or harsh chemicals to clean her brushes. There are no plastic tarps needed to catch the paint when Nina creates her artwork. Her art is digital! It’s called “Fractal Art” and it’s created with algorithms… WHAT?

Stick with me here! Simply put, Fractals are created when geometric shapes are repeated to form a new design.  I always think “kaleidoscope” when I see fractal art. This form of art is beautiful and mesmerizing. The designs have a soothing effect and they make amazing pieces of wall art!


Fractals in Nature!

Fractal designs happen in nature, so it’s not surprising that Nina, a huge nature lover, choses this form of art. We found so many interesting examples of fractals in nature in this Tree Hugger article and some more here on The Science Explorer. You should take a look too!

So, how can you decorate your walls with Nina’s art? That’s easy! Nina can have her designs made into small pieces of art that are perfect for your home or office. She can also have them created on a large scale, for commercial use, in places like office buildings, churches, retail businesses & resorts.

You can see some of Nina’s smaller pieces here. Her gorgeous designs with vibrant colors fit nicely anywhere.

If you’re a wholesaler, boutique, interior designer or need to commission a larger piece, please contact Nina directly at

Want more inspo? Dive deeper into these eco-friendly, design trends with Bob Vila… just click here. He’s got more ideas that will help inspire you to make fresh decorating choices you and the environment will love!

Don’t forget… Nina’s artwork is also the inspiration for her fitness fashion line – Yogi Yoga Wear – which includes Yoga pants, shorts & tank tops made from recycled plastic bottles.  She also has fashion accessories like tote bags, jewelry & sandals. You can even get her designs on some gorgeous greeting cards. So, be sure to stop by to see all the eco-friendly things!

Let us know how you’ll be decorating in an eco-friendly way this year.

Wishing you showers of love all April.

Nina & The Yogi Yoga Wear Team

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