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Can you believe that January is already coming to a close and February is about to begin!? We hope the new year has been showing you some love. Let us know, in the comments below, what you’ve been loving about 2022 so far. 

Do you know what we love… We love Yoga & fitness (Obviously!), we love our client’s (Always!) and we love nature, conservation & being eco-friendly! And, if you didn’t already know… we love that we use recycled plastic to make our leggings! YES, we have super cute, eco-friendly leggings made from recycled plastic! 

Today we’re sharing our love for one of our eco-friendly business associates, Repreve – a product of Unifi, Inc. (NYSE: UFI). Repreve makes the fibers we use for our leggings fabric. To date they’ve recycled over 31 billion plastic bottles! That’s right…. THIRTY ONE BILLION! How amazing is that!? Their REPREVE® Our Ocean® program, launched in June of 2019, targets plastics that are at high risk of entering the ocean. 

We’re so honored to be able to work with such an amazing company and to bring all of our eco-friendly products to you. We encourage you to reduce your use of plastic products with reusable cups & straws, utilizing recycling programs in your area and using sustainable products. Please let us know your favorite way to reduce the use of plastic. 

Click their name to learn more about Repreve or Unifi and their amazing work. 

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Sending love and good vibes to everyone!

Nina Joy Rizzo & the Yogi Yoga Wear Team 

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