Traveling Green – It’s a Thing!


Traveling Green – It’s a Thing!

Hey everyone! We hope you enjoyed last month’s blog and learning about how we use recycled plastic to make our leggings. We want to keep our eco-friendly theme going by introducing you to something called “Green Travel”. 


What exactly is Green Travel?

There are lots of different phrases to describe it and even more ways to practice Green Travel. Today we’re going to focus on ways to be respectful of the local areas you visit – whether you’ve traveled from afar or you’re a local visitor on a day trip. Check this article from Go Green Travel Green for more in depth definitions on the subject. 

Nina – aka NJoyFractals, an international award winning artist, creates her designs for Yogi Yoga Wear in Sedona Arizona. Did you know, Sedona is a great place to visit!? It’s actually placed #10 as travelers choice for most popular destinations on TripAdvisor and 23rd Best Places to Visit in the USA by US News & World Report.  You should definitely plan to visit there sometime soon! 

No matter where you plan to visit, it’s always good to be respectful of the environment and the local culture.  So, let’s talk about how your next vacation (or your local “stay”-cation) can be more eco-friendly. Don’t worry! There are lots of eco-friendly ways to travel that don’t necessarily mean off the grid, in a tent, in the middle of the wilderness. Although, that’s sounds dreamy too! 

Being based in Arizona, we looked into our own local “Green Travel” options and we found some really great ideas right there on the Visit Sedona website. They take a closer look at Green Travel here


Support Local

Visiting local cultural sites and getting your souvenirs from indigenous artisans is not only super interesting and educational, it’s the best way to support the community & the local culture. Also, getting the perfectly unique keepsake or gift makes for a special reminder of your travels. Remember that buying a mass produced item, that’s been imported, has a much higher carbon footprint.




Carbon Footprint & Eco Systems

We can’t forget to mention a few other ways to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling.

As we always advocate for staying hydrated (especially when you’re physically active), we do not support the use of single-use plastic. Consider investing in a good reusable water bottle. There are so many fun, colorful & eco-friendly options to show your personality. You’ll want to get in on this asap, even if you don’t travel. This article from Cool of the Wild will help you find one you’ll love. It’s a very impactful way to help the environment! 

We know you would never want to harm the local wildlife in the very area you are so excited to enjoy… right?  We wouldn’t either, so we like to be extra mindful whenever we hike, bike and sightsee. Here are a few more ways to have a smaller impact on the local ecosystem. 


  • NEVER leave trash behind,
  • NEVER leave a hot fire/coals,
  • NEVER feed the wildlife &
  • NEVER take anything out of its natural setting. 


  • ALWAYS take photos,
  • ALWAYS stay on marked trails,
  • ALWAYS stay a safe distance from wildlife &
  • ALWAYS keep your hands off natural/cultural sites. 


Looking for accommodations that are eco friendly is also important and easier to find than ever before. A quick, local search for eco-friendly hotels in Sedona found The Arroyo Pinion. It’s a lovely, 3 star hotel that’s certified green by Arizona Lodging & Tourism and AAA approved.  Going green while traveling doesn’t have to be inconvenient or difficult and you won’t sacrifice anything for it. 

Whether you call it sustainability, living green, eco tourism or whatever… collectively, we can make a difference.  Leaving things as we found them, engaging in local activities, seeing native cultural sites, seeking green businesses & the respectful use of resources will go a long way in keeping our favorite destinations beautiful for everyone.


Let Us Know

We want to hear about how and where you’ll be practicing “Green Travel” this year, so let us know in the comments below. 

We hope you have a lucky March full of rainbows!

Nina & The Yogi Yoga Wear Team

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