#TuesdayTakeover featuring Shekema Sims

Welcome to the April 2021 edition of our blog! We’re excited to have another special friend join us this month. We hope you enjoy getting to know her.  You can follow us both on Instagram or Facebook – see the links below.

#TuesdayTakeover featuring Shekema Sims



YYW: Hello and thanks so much for joining us this month!! Please, tell us – Who are you?

Shekema: I am Shekema Sims, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. But, my favorite title is mom – I have 3 children Mya, Tylea and Angel. I am a women of faith. I fell in love with physical fitness over 10 years ago.

YYW: Where are you from?

Shekema: I’m from Sicklerville NJ, but I have lived in Cheslihurst before moving to Sicklerville.

YYW: What was the worst time in your life… ie: biggest challenge/obstacle you’ve overcome?

Shekema: The worst time in my life was 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. One of my biggest challenges was figuring out what would life be life after the diagnosis.

YYW: Oh, wow – how scary! We hope you’re doing well now. You’re a Warrior!

YYW: What is your profession or passion?

Shekema: My profession / passion is Personal Training and Nutrition.

YYW: How do you help people or how would you like to help people?

Shekema: I help people achieve their personal fitness goals through physical fitness and proper nutrition.

YYW: How can we help support you?

Shekema: You could help support me by sharing my social media platforms or giving referrals.

YYW: What are you working on or what kind of work do you do that would interest someone enough to hire you for your services offered?

Shekema: Anyone who is looking for a honest upfront type of P.T. and Nutritionist. I like to teach my clients because it’s not my goal to have them forever. I want to teach them

the skills they need to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle without me.

YYW: How do you want to inspire?

Shekema: I want to inspire people to be the best version of themselves not based on who others say they are.

YYW:  What is the biggest message you can offer a person?

Shekema: If you don’t take care of yourself who will? Too often we get caught up in taking care of others we forget about ourselves. What good are you if you’re giving a tired, over worked, low self esteem, version of yourself? Taking time for yourself is the most important thing you can do. You need time to reset.

YYW: How did we meet or get to know each other?

Shekema: We meet on Social Media through Butiyoga.

YYW: What about YogiYogaWear?

Shekema: YogiYogaWear is beautiful and the material is amazing. I love the colors and designs.

YYW: Thanks so much, Shekema, for joining us this month. We’ll be sure to keep on supporting you on your amazing journey!


Check out Shekema on Instagram & Facebook

IG: @Notsuperwomen

Fb: Lifestylenotadiet

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