Be Green
 in 2018

Heal the world 
Make it a better place
For you and for me
And the entire human race….

The other day, I was helping my son rehearse this song for his school performance. “Is the world sick?”, he asked innocently. And after I explained to him what the song meant, I was startled when he asked, “what are you doing to heal the world”? His words resonated in my mind for a long time. What am I doing as my social responsibility to contribute towards the society?

Well, it is never too late to make that little change that would contribute towards the benefit of society at large! Every little effort matters. Every little contribution counts.

Yogi Yoga Wear strives to be earth conscious and environmentally friendly with the introduction of Repreve® line of products.

Repreve® is made from recycled plastic bottles, which are melted and extruded into recycled fiber. This fiber is then weaved into fabric form. This fabric has excellent elasticity and texture, making it an ideal choice for creating yoga wear or active wear.

At Yogi Yoga Wear, we are proud to be socially responsible and encourage our clients and partners to join hands with us in doing what is right for our mother earth.

Let’s heal the world, make it a better place!